Photos before and after FUE hair transplant

Hair Transplant Center Hair FUE can help people with any complexity of baldness.

Today, modern medicine offers various treatments for hair loss for men and women, and FUE hair transplantation is considered the most effective hair restoration procedure. Technically, any specialist can perform a hair transplant. However, only the most experienced and well-trained specialists can transplant hairs, maintaining their natural appearance, that they are almost invisible. The leading specialist of our center, Birgul Serindere, is well trained and has mastered all the technical aspects, fully realizing her creative potential in the field of hair transplantation.

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The Hair FUE ® center gallery allows you to see a slide photo of the results of the BEFORE and After FUE hair transplant procedures. We also suggest reading testimonials from actual patients of our clinic.

View our work gallery to learn more about our experience and our results with FUE hair transplant and see how Hair FUE restores hair for the most natural look.

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