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Not everyone knows that the idea of ​​hair transplantation arose already in 1939, based on experimental research by a scientist from Japan, Dr. S. Okuda.

Thanks to the work of this brilliant man, a real revolution took place in the world of “hair transplantation”. In his first experiments, he used minimal amounts of grafts, after which he performed the first hair transplant in history. In one of the well-known Japanese publications, an article was published by a dermatologist, Dr. Okuda, describing the experience in hair transplantation with correction of the skin of the scalp suffering from alopecia. Thus, incredible results have been achieved.

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Already in 1950, they actively began to experiment with the transplantation of hair follicles from a healthy area of the scalp into an area affected by baldness. The purpose of this experiment was to determine the survival of the follicles on the new area. The results exceeded expectations! It turned out that transplanted hair follicles have the ability to survive on their own in the problem area.

Taking into account all stages of development in the field of hair transplantation, We perform hair transplantation of any form of baldness with the revolutionary FUE method at Antalya Memorial Clinic. With the help of qualified professionals, we provide patients with natural hair with stunning results. After the work of the specialists of the Hair FUE ® Antalya hair transplant center, transplanted hair cannot be distinguished from constantly growing hair.

Our clinic

The international level clinic “Memorial” is the highest service with the most advanced equipment. The Memorial Antalya Clinic employs highly qualified doctors with extensive practical experience and various specializations. This is a place where, along with modern technologies in the field of hair transplantation, the team approach of highly professional medical staff is combined. It is in Memorial Antalya that you can get all kinds of medical care!

Memorial Antalya Hospital is recognized as one of the best clinics in the world and is one of the leading clinics in Turkey. The clinic has been worthy of a leading position for over 15 years, based on innovative treatment methods using modern medical equipment. Since the opening day (2000), not only Turkish patients, but also a huge number of people from abroad have been contacting the Memorial Turkey medical group.

Thanks to many years of practice and continuous improvement, Memorial Antalya Clinic staff provides its patients with a full range of medical services for a wide variety of diseases. Memorial is the only clinic in Turkey where they practice modern methods of patient management that meet international standards.

Memorial Clinic with the best specialists in Turkey, every day receive tens of thousands of thanks from patients from all over the world, which is the main achievement of the clinic and a sign of trust for other patients.

Memorial Multidisciplinary Clinic is the first medical institution in Turkey to be accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) and received the ISO9001:2008 quality certificate, which is a guarantee of impeccable quality of services.

Hair Transplant at Memorial Antalya

Memorial Antalya Clinic, the first medical institution to start working in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey. The most trained hair transplant specialists at Memorial Antalya Clinic are ready to solve the problem of baldness with a high level of professionalism. We can say with confidence that the hair transplant specialist of Antalya Memorial Clinic, Birgul Serindere , is one of the best specialists in his field. Since starting her career in 2000, she has been continuously improving her skills in the field of hair transplantation, and is always ready to offer her patients the latest treatments.

Hair transplant specialist Birgul Serindere, successfully started her career in one of the Istanbul clinics “FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE”, practicing the only FUT method at that time for 5 years. For the next ten years, Birgul Serindere has been working at the Memorial Clinic exclusively using the seamless FUE method. Today he holds the position of Chief Hair Transplant Specialist at Memorial Antalya Clinic and performs daily hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation using the latest FUE technology.

Hair transplant specialist B. Serindere in his work uses the safest and most effective methods in favor of the patient, which allows to ensure the desired result in hair restoration. According to B. Serindere, with the availability of modern equipment and the professional skills of a specialist, it is possible to solve the problem of baldness of any complexity!

FUE hair transplant services are provided by many clinics, and a trusted clinic with experienced and qualified specialists should be preferred. Only in this way you will get the desired result after hair transplantation.

Our credo: “we treat reliably, affordable, effectively.”

At the Memorial Antalya Clinic you will find attentive medical staff ready to assist you throughout your stay. Experienced specialist B. Serindere with FUE hair transplant will replace lost hair in a short period without pain and without scarring.

The Hair FUE ® Hair Transplant Center provides maximum comfort for its patients and offers all-inclusive services. Full range of services for one price:

From the first consultation to the control of the postoperative period, you will encounter increased attention to yourself from the sensitive and polite staff of the Multidisciplinary Memorial Antalya Clinic. The Russian-speaking coordinator will provide all the information about the necessary actions before and after the FUE hair transplant procedure . Our HairFUE center performs all types of hair transplantation exclusively with the most effective FUE method (seamless method) .

Long-term practice shows that FUE hair transplantation has a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to provide the desired aesthetic appearance and prolong the youthfulness of your hair. Only modern FUE technique eliminates baldness in a minimum period with maximum efficiency: painlessly and without scars! Modern medical equipment, together with the rich practical experience of hair transplant specialist B. Serindere, are a guarantee of long-term results.

The Hair FUE ® hair transplant center is focused on results and always chooses the right treatment. All manipulations performed are absolutely painless, since the comfort of the patient is above all for us. We use the highest quality European-made painkillers. During hair transplantation operations, the medical staff of the Memorial clinic pays great attention to the infectious safety of the patient. Only disposable or highly sterilized instruments and materials are used. Memorial Antalya Clinic is a place where the patient is always safe, because you can trust us!