Hair Transplant in Woman

Hair is one of the main decorations of women. Together with the upbringing, the culture of hair care is instilled in girls. Therefore, a woman at any age critically perceives hair loss. If, for the vast majority of males, baldness is perceived quite calmly, sometimes even with humor, for women, such a disadvantage is a vital problem and a major defect in appearance.

It is generally accepted that such a phenomenon as complete hair loss occurs only in men. However, undesirable changes are also present in the female body, leading to alopecia, that is, to baldness. According to the results of the surveys, it turned out that 99% of women with intense hair loss feel an increased sense of shame and discomfort. This condition, as a rule, affects the psychological background and exacerbates hair loss.

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The most common causes of hair loss in women are:

All of these factors that cause hair loss in women can be resolved with the right treatment. Women experiencing hair loss should consult with a specialist to determine the cause of the hair loss and address if there is a serious condition before treating the hair loss.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness, known as alopecia areata, is an autoimmune disorder that affects more than 30 million women around the world. In the female body, the male hormones dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are present , which, when the required rate increases, leads to thinning of the hair follicles, hence hair loss. Hair follicles that are genetically sensitive to DHT can eventually lead to a complete cessation of new hair production. The critical attitude of many women towards thinning hair has led to the development of an effective FUE method for hair restoration.

Memorial Antalya Clinic offers a unique FUE (seamless technique) hair transplant technique for women, which is considered the most effective treatment for baldness of any complexity. This type of modern FUE method for hair restoration is ready to be offered by the specialists of the Hair FUE center for the beauty of your hair, with complete safety and natural results. The developed technology is successfully used all over the world for people suffering from alopecia.


Convenient All-Inclusive Package for International Patients


We place our foreign patients in a single comfortable room free of charge.


Hair transplantation is carried out in special sterile conditions that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements.


Sensitive and qualified staff will provide an atmosphere of coziness and maximum comfort.

How Hair Transplant is Performed in Women

A special low-traumatic operation to restore lost hair using the seamless FUE method allows you to get results comparable to the natural effect, without incisions, marks and a long recovery period after hair transplantation. Hair FUE ® specialists pay great attention to the safety of patients during FUE hair transplant surgery . We use only certified preparations of leading foreign manufacturers. The clinic presents unique technologies to provide significant comfort to patients.

At the Memorial Antalya Clinic, the patient is provided with constant monitoring by a qualified medical team during and after the hair transplant operation. Equipping the clinic with modern medical equipment and the presence of experienced specialists makes the stay in our clinic of high quality and safe.

The combination of hair transplantation with PRP therapy is especially effective . This combination ensures a high survival rate of the transplanted hair follicles. Sparse and dull hair – all this is quickly and effectively eliminated with the help of the modern FUE method for hair transplantation.

The Hair FUE team guarantees women suffering from alopecia a natural result with FUE hair transplantation.