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FUE Hair Transplant is a revolutionary solution for baldness!

Every year, science expands its capabilities and provides more and more new methods of treatment for people with the problem of baldness. Today, the final and effective method is FUE hair transplantation. The FUE (Follicular unit Extraction) method has already established itself as the best way to solve the problem of alopecia with a long-term effect. The advantages of this treatment method can be listed for a long time, because at this stage the FUE technique has no analogues in the field of hair transplantation.

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According to the results of the operation performed using the FUE technique, a high survival rate of transplanted hair is observed. A similar phenomenon can be explained by the fact that a person’s own hair is transplanted, which are genetically similar only with the difference in increased immunity to hair loss. After the first FUE operation, which was carried out in 1990, transplantologists of the world happily informed the world about a new discovery.

A modern type of hair transplantation allows you to solve the problem of alopecia in one day and restore the previous hair density. The FUE method is a perfect type of treatment that has the most beneficial effects not only on the appearance, but also on the moral state of a person.

The laws of nature and genetics are an unpredictable question. Unfortunately, no one is immune from hair loss! Nothing spoils our appearance like thinning hair.

Hair is an attribute of beauty for both women and men. The significance and importance of hair can be understood only by people with baldness. Faced with an extremely unpleasant problem, such as alopecia, you must definitely contact a specialist to determine the cause of the disease. Left face to face with a similar ailment, many people begin to apply different types of treatment on their own, based on information received on social networks. As a result, ineffective methods of treatment for hair loss only lead to disappointment.

Now, baldness is no longer the problem of the century, and FUE hair transplantation medicine can eliminate baldness or stop your hair loss. FUE hair transplantation is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring lost hair and improving its condition.

FUE Hair Transplant Method

It all starts with a consultation with a specialist, where the patient must report on the nuances of his health. This is an important stage and requires full awareness of both parties. The line of future hair is discussed, taking into account the wishes of the patient. The operation, regardless of the ease, is a surgical intervention. The first thing that any person planning a hair transplant should take care of is the morale of the patient himself and a positive attitude.

FUE hair transplantation consists of 3 main stages and is performed in the following sequence:

Duration of FUE hair transplant surgery

FUE hair transplant procedure requires special care and professional experience. The duration of the operation depends on the complexity and degree of baldness. These are a few indicators by which you can determine the hours needed for a hair transplant. At the initial consultation with a specialist, the number of grafts is determined and, accordingly, its duration is reported. The FUE method considers the transplantation of up to 4000 follicular units in one operating session. In the FUE method, it is possible to extract the maximum number of grafts with minimal damage. During the operation, the specialist randomly selects follicular units, which are removed from the surrounding skin tissue with the help of micro punches. Of all the existing methods of hair transplantation, the FUE method has a high survival rate of grafts.

Postoperative period of the FUE method

The FUE method differs from the old FUT method in a short and painless postoperative period. After transplantation by the FUE method, it is enough for the patient to spend only 10 days to fully ensure the engraftment of grafts in a new place. During this period, it is necessary to protect the transplant area from bruises and from any kind of physical activity.

Postoperative period of the FUE methodUpon completion of the operation, the patient should immerse himself in complete rest and provide himself with a good sleep, not overwork and lead a measured lifestyle. An important role is played by a complete diet with proper nutrition.

The next day, with the help of a specialist, a trial procedure for washing the head takes place. Until full recovery, the patient needs to use special products (shampoo and lotion), which are issued free of charge at the clinic. In the future, the patient at home or with the help of loved ones should wash their hair daily with the funds issued.

After hair transplantation, the patient must limit himself from active exposure to ultraviolet rays, visits to the sea; pool.


The recovery period of the donor zone takes 2-3 months. The area with transplanted hair requires a longer recovery period. Within one month after the FUE hair transplant, the first hair loss is observed, which is a natural cycle. At the same time, the hairs fall out, and the transplanted follicles remain and begin their phased development in a new place. After 6-7 months, the transplanted follicles grow and gradually accelerate in growth. A full result can be seen only after a year.

Potential Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Cons of FUE Hair Transplantation

Why patients choose us?

The problem of baldness is being actively discussed these days. Someone shares positive experience, someone already has a bitter experience and suffered because of the unprofessionalism of a specialist. And this suggests that each person is faced with the problem of choosing an experienced specialist and clinic.

Why patients choose usThe Hair FUE ® Hair Transplant Center performs hair restoration procedures using the minimally invasive FUE method at Memorial Antalya, the largest clinic in Turkey. The leading specialist of our Hair FUE center – Birgul Serindere is highly qualified and has rich experience in this field. The proof of her success is the results of her work, which give joy and a fulfilling life to patients.

Our HairFUE hair transplant center uses only reliable methods, the effectiveness of which has been proven as a result of our own experience. Currently, the FUE sutureless technique in the field of hair transplantation is very popular. From the first phone call to the moment of complete recovery, the HairFUE hair transplant center staff provides full support at the highest level. With the help of the HairFUE hair transplant center, people restore lost hair and forget about the problem of baldness forever.

Hair Transplant Center Antalya Hair FUE ® is equipped in accordance with the latest achievements of European-made medicine. With the availability of modern technologies and preparations, the specialists of the hair transplant center apply treatments for their patients aimed at improving the condition of the body and appearance.

The main wealth of the HairFUE hair transplant center is specialists with golden hands who have gone through 15 years of work in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey. They use all their medical talents to provide maximum care to patients and choose the best methods of treatment. The specialists of the Hair FUE hair transplant center continue to help patients from around the world and even after the operation they continue to maintain the most trusting and friendly relations with everyone. TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS of the HairFUE hair transplant center!

In our HairFUE hair transplant center, experienced specialists successfully solve the problem of baldness of our patients. You can find out more about FUE hair transplantation by looking at the Photo Gallery before and after our work, and familiarize yourself with our Prices .

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