Beard Transplant

Restoration of hair on the beard, mustache and sideburns

Facial hair transplantation is a procedure that restores hair in an area of ​​the face where hair growth is impaired or absent. While this procedure is most often performed in the chin area, hair transplantation can also be performed in the sideburns and mustache area. Facial hair transplantation using the FUE method is widely used, and is also used to hide minor defects in the form of scars and scars.

Facial hair loss can occur for a number of reasons. It can be the result of genetics, laser hair removal, surgery, burns, or trauma. The goals of this procedure can range from minor fillings in the thinning area to complete restoration of the beard. The procedure can be performed on areas of the face where hair is partially present or with a complete absence of hair.

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Beard Transplant at Hair FUE Antalya

The number of transplanted follicular units depends both on the volume of the operated area and on the individual requirements of the patient. Taking into account all the nuances, the specialist transplants exactly the number of graves that will further provide a natural look for the new beard. At the time of the consultation, important factors such as the structure, color and density of the transplanted hairs are considered. 

How is a beard transplant performed?

How is a beard transplant performed?The principle of beard transplantation is similar to head hair transplantation. The donor can be the occipital and temporal parts of the head. The extracted grafts are transplanted into the chin area and provide a permanent effect. After the operation, new beard hair can be shaved and maintained as usual without certain restrictions.

Hair FUE ® specialists use grafts containing the most hairs to ensure a natural look. With gray hair, the distribution corresponds to the natural look. With the help of a special lateral slit technique, the risk of scarring after a beard transplant is eliminated. The main step to ensure a natural look is the careful placement of the grafts. After the operation, the transplanted hair has a permanent effect.


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Order and restoration

The beard transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is an outpatient operation. As a rule, beard hair transplantation does not require a long stay of the patient in the clinic. The operation takes from 2 to 5 hours and is completely painless. Within 5 days after the operation, dry crusts appear around each transplanted hair in the area of ​​transplanted hairs. Over time, the skin in this area is restored.

On the second day of the operation, the patient can return home and even start work, eliminating heavy physical exertion, which may not have the most favorable effect on the engraftment of new beard hairs. The first few days after beard hair transplantation, slight redness and slight swelling are observed, which soon disappear without a trace. There are no scars on the donor area as well as on the operated area. This is the uniqueness of the FUE beard transplant.

Transplanted beard hair falls out 2 weeks after the operation, after which they begin to renew within 3 months, therefore, continue their natural development in the new area throughout life.

Risks and Outcomes

The risk of the beard transplant procedure is that the aesthetic result depends entirely on the experience of the specialist. Donor material in this procedure uses hair from the back of the head or temporal region, which is identical in structure, but genetically resistant to hair loss. The harvested grafts must be transplanted taking into account the correct growth angle, so that in the future the transplanted hairs have a natural appearance and do not differ from the constantly growing hairs on the beard.

Our specialists are truly leaders in the field of hair restoration and facial hair transplantation. The Hair FUE Antalya hair transplant center performs an average of three beard hair transplants per week. Thanks to the great practical experience of the specialists of our center, we have a unique reputation and have earned the trust of patients from around the world.